House of Decora
Experience the Beauty

of Personalized Interior Design

Our team of experienced professionals specializes in high-end interior design services in South Florida. Our mission is to bring functional, inspiring interiors to life that reflect the unique styles of our clients and allow them to live well day in and day out. With over 30 years of combined experience, we treat every project as an opportunity to exceed client expectations and create spaces they will love today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Functional & Aesthetic

At House of Decora, we believe design is a powerful force in our lives. The look and feel of our surroundings can affect our attitude, behavior, and overall sense of well-being. That's why our team works tirelessly to create designs that are functional, beautiful, and ideal for your current lifestyle and future needs. We strive to achieve your perfect version of luxury living because you deserve nothing less.

House of Decora
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Personalized Styling

We believe in creating unique spaces tailored to your lifestyle and personal aesthetic. By combining a diverse assortment of design elements and unique perspectives, we can meet your design goals while creating a space that is uniquely yours.

Our focus is on high-end, luxury residential interior design. We are dedicated to procuring unique, quality home furnishings, accessories, lighting, artwork, wall coverings, fabrics, and more - each selected with your style and design goals in mind. You can count on us to create a space that's inspiring, sophisticated, timeless, and ideal for who you are and where you're going.